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Zimbali Golf Estate
This 925 acre tropical coastal estate is home to some of the most luxurious homes in the country.

Zimbali Golf Estate

Richards Bay Golf Estate
The upmarket residences at Richards Bay Golf Estate stretch over acres of undulating terrain. Read more

Working with design professionals to build your dream home

Working with a design professional on the plans for your house can be a very rewarding experience. Therefore it is important that you choose a designer that you are comfortable with.

Before you start the design project ask yourself a few questions and try to answer them as objectively as possible.

  • What is the budget of the project?
  • How big do you want the house to be?
  • Do you have a preference for a certain design / style?
  • What are the time frames you are looking at?
  • Do you already know who will be your building contractor?
  • Can the building contractor work together with you and the designer to design your dream house?

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